The top 3 online bingo sites for Canadian players with fast payouts to all provinces..


#1 Bingo Billy - Editors Choice
Bingo Billy - The most popular online bingo site in the world is also our favorite. 

They have a large number of Canadian players from all regions of the country. You could find yourself in a chat room with a player from Toronto, or from Nanaimo. Odds are you'll have fun and find someone interesting to chat with.

There's large amounts of money to be won and before you know it someone in the room will shout BINGO!


#2 Bingo Spirit - Player Favorite
Bingo Spirit - This is a player favorite. The software is super easy to use and navigating the control menu is a breeze. You can easily buy bingo cards and the jackpots are quite large.

If you need a break from bingo you can play slots on the side. They have really responsive customer service here. They treat players well and this has made them a customer favorite.